Clarence comes back.

Not very funny.

Sea Stats.

Goofy desperately tries to justify the comic.

The Mystical Jewel of the Serpent King.

Chuckles the Chimp fails to reinvigorate the campaign with a fart.

Goofy Gorilla and Chuckles the Chimp discover a dead spy and decide that everything will be for the worse.

Goofy Gorilla discovers a source of unluck.

Goofy Gorilla and Chuckles the Chimp decide their new power is dumb.

Goofy Gorilla and Chuckles the Chimp discover a new power.

Goofy Gorilla and Chuckles the Chimp in "Secret Show"

Goofy Gorilla in "Summer's Coming"

Goofy Gorilla in "Get Your Taxes Done"

Goofy Gorilla in "Timeless Beatnik Humor Double Feature"

Goofy Gorilla with Chuckles the Chimp

Goofy Gorilla Featuring Chuckles the Chimp

"Well here's the nut and that's all your money""

"I have a jack of queens"

"They're all black: I think that means something"

"It has been a cold winter"

"Penny for your thoughts, Goofy."

"Pearls Before Swine"

A Verry Goofy X-Mas, with guest artist Cameron Bogue

Halloween Double Feature

"No time to waste! We have a leak."

Paint, part three featuring Clarence

Paint, part two


"How Does One 'Fly Fish?'"

"Ok guys, let's get it straight."

October 6, 2004: "Hello Mieno, How Are You?"

August 27, 2004: "Warm scotch and Xanax"

July 27, 2004: Traditional Plight of Romance

July 19, 2004: Guest Strip by Cameron Bogue

July 18, 2004: "Baboons have a foul odor and always seem violent"

July 12, 2004: Goofy Wins the Hearts of Everyone Except his Niece and Nephew

July 7, 2004: Goofy Discovers the Secret of the Home Run

May 17, 2004: Goofy Decides to Try his Hand at Baseball

August 29, 2003: Goofy and Hassan Discover the Nature of Persuasion

January 18 2003: Chuckles Discusses Battle Plans and Makes a Declaration

October 18 2002: We Return to Chuckles and his Tale of Woe

July 14, 2002: Hassan Continues his Intriguing Tale

June 18, 2002: Hassan Tells Goofy a Story of Incipient Importance

May 14, 2002: Goofy Wakes to Find a New Friend and Ask Him a Question

April 15, 2002: Another Explosion Separates the Friends

March 27, 2002: Goofy is Reunited with an Old Friend after an Explosion of Bananas

March 17, 2002: Our Heroes Discover a Dark Secret Deep within the Earth

March 6, 2002: Goofy Is Lost, but Finds his Way with a Fish of Great Size

February 27, 2002: The Plot Thickens when our Heroes Descend into Darkness

February 20, 2002: Gears are Set into Motion as that Wily Fox Creates Intrigue