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173. Another four cards from that series. Guest art by Lesly.

172. This is four cards from a set I was designing based on a metaphorical narrative game. I think they got a little out of control.

171. Goofy Gorilla can sometimes come from a napkin.

170. Entertaining myself at the Denver Downtown Sheraton.

169. Stylized bird drawn for a coloring book.

168. Goofy Gorilla birthday card. I forget the captions. Invent your own!

167. A snow explorer, leprechaun, lamb, dog, ogre, and The Planner. Guest doodles by Lesly.

166. Sketched faces.

165. A bird catching a worm.

164. Another sketch for Armada of Heroes. This is the modified B-52 bomber that can travel through dimensions.

163. Another sketch for Armada of Heroes. This was to be the giant that dreamt of Earth and its universe.

162. Sketch I did for upcoming Bogue project Armada of Heroes. This was supposed to be a giant whose dreams actually created an entire alien universe. There was a misunderstanding though, while I thought the dreamers were supposed to other-dimensional giants, Cameron imagined them to paradoxically be sleeping persons on Earth.

161. Bitchin' Robot.

160. An illustration I did for a collection of fairy tales. This is Rumpelstilskin if I recall.

159. A an engaged in calligraphy.

158. Tall man drawn in stark contrast.

157. Study for a painting.

156. Don Quixote tilting at windmills. Now that I'm older I realize there are better scenes from Don Quixote to illustrate.

155. My experimentation with iconography.

154. A study of a piece drawn by an unknown computer.

153. The Cyclops.

152. Self portrait on an index card.

151. This was originally drawn for some political cartoon. I can't remember what for.

150. A man drawn with stark contrast.

149. A Giger inspired work.

148. Some weird birds. I couldn't totally eliminate the lines from the notebook paper without destroying some of the finer details.

147. The Wonders of the Pyramids.

146. A big ugly monster, but playing a lute, maybe.

145. Here is a picture of an old man. Remember, I'm still only 16 years old.

144. Three wise leaders.

143. A big ugly monster.

142. This is a costume design I did for Enkidu, in case of a ballet or opera based on Gilgamesh.

141. The peaceful penguin at play.

140. This is the hideous visage of a knight afflicted by burns.

139. This is the evil eye.

138. This starts off a series where all the pictures I drew before 1999, when I was 17. I can't remember what this was about.

137. Tranquility and peace of nature.

136. Man and cart plus funny animals.

135. Cartoony Balshazzar, detail of hand, and a snake!

134. Fernao Pires visits Ming.

133. Seedy-looking people.

132. Gentlemanly sport.

131. A view of the endless road construction on Lumpkin. This view is looking Southwest, and I belive Bocock is the crossroad.

130. Looking Northeast from the Arch on Broad Street, we have this view of the Clock and Starbucks Coffee on College Avenue. Five Star Day Cafe is visible ont he right, Chapel Bar on the left.

129. The view of the Georgia Theatre looking Northwest from the corner of Lumpkin and Clayton.

128. Looking Southwest on Pulaski Street at the Leathers Building and an adjacent house.

127. Looking West from Pulaski Street, the Leathers Building.

126. This is the interior of the Daily.

125. An ink painting of the Daily Groceries Co-op. The view is looking West on Prince Avenue.

124. The view looking North on Hull at the rear exterior of the Morton Theatre. Hot Corner is visible on the Left.

123. The Little Kings Club, as viewed from the corner of Hull and Hancock, looking West.

122. A series of background images of real Athens places I drew for my flagpole comics. Here is inside The Grit, on Prince Avenue.

121. Three musicians trying to orchestrate a rehearsal.

120. And this guy can meditate.

119. Okay this guy is using Kung Fu maybe.

118. Five faces of mixed gender.

117. There was this one emu that got caught up in the wrong crowd.

116. If you've ever read that Faulkner story Barn Burning, then, uh, well it actually has nothing to do with this guy..

115. This is a study of three robots; no particular purpose.

114. A Cartoony butcher.

113. An attractive female face.

112. The tailor; the professor.

111. A freshwater eel.

110. A stern man from a stern land.

109. This is a study for a painting I was going to do entitled "We Want Barabbas.

108. Three male faces.

107. Three female faces.

106. GATO!

105. Teddy bear riding a millipede in search of a well. Sigh.

104. Yep, it's a cowboy: Part two.

103. A whirling dervish.

102. I did this doodle in response to a recent news article about Gigantopithecus blackii.

101. Do This on Halloween.

100. "...and If Our Task Demands That We Drive All Night, Our Eyes Will Together Meet the Dawn." Happy 100 Doodles Everybody.

99. Bounty of the Harvest.

98. A Hungry Lizard and Angry Bird.

97. This is from Arabian Nights.

96. "Ah! I've Been Looking for You."

95. Admiral Koshekk, at Age 38.

94. Animals Examining Each Other.

93. More mobsters.

92. He died nine times over.

91. Kitty.

90. I've been watching countless samurai movies. As Mifune said, "to hell with samurais."

89. Muppets looking dour.

88. Vacation home.

87. Court official verifying credentials.

86. Profile and three-quarters, husband and wife.

85. Bear.

84. Another strange Wintry image. This time it's curling.

83. A comissioned doodle called "Hatful of Hollow." Yes, it's named after the Smith's album.

82. A Neverending Battle that Rages on Eternally

81. My impression of Louisiana.

80. Monkey Fight. I Can't Believe I Didn't Come Up With "Furious George."

79. Admiral Koshekk, at Age 11 and One Half.

78. Dude, I really got no idea.

77. Alternate Costumes for Goofy and Chuckles

76. Hostage Situation at the Clockmaker's

75. I just like pointing out how stupid this phrase is.

74. The epic and ongoing battle of Carnivore versus Herbivore.

73. EDDIE! in the evenin'

72.WILKES! in the mornin'

71. A man with a bad haircut.

70. A boy and his penguin-toting orange box wagon.

69. If you want to be a cartoonist, you find yourself drawing a lot of faces.

68. Scene entitled Cold Funeral.

67. Page from Deadly Safaris about the Vogel Werecat, one of the deadliest beasts in the world.

66. Famed Big game hunter Nick Sandersbury and his dog Argo. Goofy subscribes to his quarterly publication Deadly Safaris.

65. Two costume sketches for the princesses of Buudblossom-- IN COLOR!

64. A pointillist sketch of one of history's greatest performers.

63. Another dragon! I'll get on elfwood for sure!

62. A picture of a manticore. Evidently I couldn't think of a good way that wings could attach to a lion's body.

61. Oh my gosh! A giant! Actually, this is first of three somewhat embarrassing fantasy art (or FArt, for short) pictures.

60. This is my cat, Professor Meowmenstein. She is imaginary and thus better than your cat.

59. My initials within the royal crest of the forementioned Buudblossom family.

58. A wild swine eating some Buudblossom flowers, the symbol of the royal Buudblossom family.

57. Three ladies just havin' a good time.

56. Goofy and Chuckles are trying at yet another unsuccessful hunting trip. Their quarry today looks like a rather scragged grouse.

55. Yep, it's a cowboy.

54. A sketch for a painting done while utterly heartbroken. It's titled The Meeting of Man and Woman.

53. A drawing of Summer done much later in an unexpected fit of inspiration. It is my favorite and, in case you are Summer and are getting freaked out, the last drawing I have of you.

52. Another picture of Summer (ref #28,) drawn distractedly during micro I, while I was still in highschool.

51. Abstract pen and ink.

50. An ink and wash portrait of a contemplative robot.

49. A robot and his lost love.

48. Saint Chimp, patron saint of primate.

47. Some alternative costume sketches for Goofy.

46. The preliminary sketch for the second episode of Goofy Gorilla Classic.

45. Two monks. The last Medieval doodle, if you're sick of them.

44. A scene celebrating the invention of writing. Note anachronistic balloon and that, once again, that's not Latin.

43. Another scene depicting agriculture. Also not Latin.

42. A two part scene: the top depicting a surgical procedure and the bottom showing agricultural practices. That's not Latin, by the way.

41. A knight slaying a dragon. Now I can be on Elfwood! Yay!

40. First of Six Medieval Studies that I am going to be post. This is a study of four animals.

39. Portrait of Dmitri Shostakovich, in Pencil.

38. This is the sketch for an episode of Goofy Gorilla Classic, the first episode to be exact.

37. I find this drawing speaks for itself.

36. Sketch of a poster design for the first and last Annual Thump War. Spagger Lee broke his thumb in that match and never fought again, by the way.

35. Pen, ink, and ink wash drawing of the tragic death of the robot of love.

34. Perspective study done in ink and ink wash.

33. Ink Wash drawing entitled "Accusation." If you can't figure it out try looking for a few moments.

32. Pen, ink, and ink wash drawing of the Cyber Pharoah. Some of you might remember this as the cover for the June, 1999 issue of Wierd, Wierd, Wierd.

31. Another postcard in the same series.

30. This is a postcard I drew in an effort to get a beautiful woman to go on a date with me. It didn't work.

29. ...

28. This is a picture of the girl that ruled my world when I was 15, Summer Hempton. In a way, she still does.

27. Japanese girl in the rain. WARNING: not especially erotic.

26. This is my dog, Tucker. I love my dog.

25. I don't what's bothering these shapes, but they're pissed.

24. A guy on skis. There is a ton of snow on the ground already and I can't wait to hit the slopes.

23. Picture of my three dream vocations. From right to left, Captain Ron, A cowboy, and a professional billiards hustler.

22. Self Portrait.

21. A costume design sketch for two kings in an upcoming animated feature based on the Russian folk tale Ivan and the Firebird. Also a sneak peek of the next Karate Koalas.

20. Three Musicians.

19. Another Costume design. This guy's name is Judar.

18. First in a series of costume design sketches for a production of Hot Sand, Hot Arab: Selections from Arabian Nights. It's Aladdin if you couldn't guess.

17. Calligraphy that illuminates my microeconomics notes. That's graduate-level microeconomics, not that pansy-ass class you took as an elective for your stupid poli-sci bachelors.

16. Portrait of Dmitri Shostakovich, in pencil.

15. The Robot of Love, who made his first appearance in The Lonely Space!

14. Small parade of strange objects.

13. Portrait of Natalie, my girlfriend-X, not ex-girlfriend as some might assume.

12. The Lion Tamer. This one includes a vignette Sir Archibald Rutherford Lion Tamer, considered the inventor of lion taming.

11. The Crying Man.

10. Penguin

9. I often get strange, wintery images in my head.

8. Caricature of Stipe's head. Yes, I have seen him. No, I didn't talk to him.

7. Cooking with Ogre, not much else to say.

6. Idea for dust jacket illustration for The Great Gatsby. Hasn't been published yet.

5. Something terrible happened in the kitchen.

4. The first sketch of the Mechanical Devil, of Weird, Weird, Weird fame.

3.The infamous Dr. Baby. Made his comic debut in issue #37 of Astonishing Hero Feature

2.Terrific Pun; I won't spoil it for you.

1.First Doodle ever. A man with giant hands and a pistol.

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